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No, this is not a real ad. Yet.

It's just one example of the tens of thousands of .news websites that, along with hundreds of other new domain strings (each with countless thousands of their own possibilities) are set to revolutionize the internet. Every encyclopedia entry could conceivably become a .news website. Every city, every product, every concept. A site like could become a household name in the capable hands of the right media company — if they were allowed to acquire it.'s index of the new gTLD applications can be examined here.

Amazon .news Application Excerpts:

"A .NEWS registry will:

"Enable Amazon to protect its intellectual property rights...

"All domains in the .NEWS registry will remain the property of Amazon...

".NEWS domains may not be delegated or assigned to third party organizations, institutions, or individuals...

"Domains in the .NEWS registry will be provisioned to support the business goals of Amazon...

"Because the .NEWS registry will be a single entity registry and for purposes which serve Amazon’s strategic business aims, the reserved names cannot be offered to Governments or other official bodies for their own use as this would conflict with the mission and purpose of the gTLD...

".NEWS will be a single entity registry, with all domains registered to Amazon for use in pursuit of Amazon’s business goals. There will be no re-sellers in .NEWS and there will be no market in .NEWS domains. Amazon will strictly control the use of .NEWS domains...

"Amazon is applying for .NEWS to provide a dedicated platform for stable and secure online communication and interaction. Amazon has several thousand registered intellectual property assets of all types including trademarks, designs, and domain names...

"...Amazon and its subsidiaries will be the only eligible registrants...

"Although only Amazon and its subsidiaries can register domain names in our registry, we will bring to the attention of requestors of domain names the Terms & Conditions of registration..."

Source:, Amazon .news application

Amazon has applied for a total of 76 domain strings, all as closed gTLDs.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post in 2013 — this could be a very clever strategic acquisition if Amazon is permitted to own the .news string as a private monopoly.

See also The Washington Post page.

The Corporation That Didn't Apply

News Corporation is not an applicant for the .news domain string.





.News domains

By 2014, one company may own all the following .news domains.

This is just a microscopic, partial list of what's to come. Whoever becomes the dot news registry will own every conceivable dot news domain in existence, and subject to the terms of their application, there is no requirement to divest them or resell them. Maybe one million, maybe five million domains will be built into websites — who knows, the future registry probably doesn't even know? Yet.

One sole company may own, exclusively, every single domain listed on this page plus millions more. The scope of the .news category is almost unlimited, just about any subject could become a .news website.

Imagine the value of the tiny sample of websites listed here. Imagine if you could click on the buttons and visit the sites. Sites covering tech news, health news and sport news. Business news, Music news and world news. A small tip of the iceberg.

The potential of the traffic and commerce on these sites is truly colossal.

Just a few examples of .news domains illustrate the profound changes that are coming to the internet:

new domain samples

But wait, there's more. Every city in every country.

The whole world is covered. 10,000 cities, around the world:

new domain samples

But wait, there's even more. Every country in the world.

More than 200 countries:

new domain samples

Hold on, there's even more. Every location. Every state. Every suburb. Every geo name in the world (and on Mars).

Every geo location is covered. Tens of thousands of suburbs around the globe. Here is just a micro selection from LA and NYC:

new domain samples

And there's more. The .news string is highly relevant to every product in the world.

Plus 500,000 more, and every product yet to be invented:

new domain samples

Any one of the above concepts could become the basis of a multi-million dollar global business. And these are just a dozen examples among thousands of possibilities. Imagine — info (with accompanying ads) about all the latest cellphones, plans and software. Imagine — info (with ads) about the latest games, downloads and players. Imagine — info about all the latest Hollywood releases, dvds and merchandise.

Imagine being a billion dollar company with a state of the art marketing machine with the expertise and funds to launch these websites.

Imagine owning the entire .news category, imagine being able to add the extension to every concept, product and service in the world. In complete exclusivity.

Imagine also the power of being able to block your competitors from owning a single .news domain.

Exactly the same principle applies to many other key domain string applications, such as .store, .shop and many more.

Still more. Every service in the world.

Plus 10,000 more, (how many services are there?) and other miscellaneous categories besides:

new domain samples

How about How about

Let's say one million .news domains are built out — for a minimum ICANN application bid of $185,000 — that's six domains for a dollar.

The .news category is just one of the hundreds of new gTLDs about to be released. While many are much more narrow in scope, many of the principles and implications described on this page also apply to the other gTLDs. There are so many domain possibilities — and every single name in each category may be owned by just one company.

Applicants for the .news registry:

There are seven applicants for the .news registry. You can read ICANN's full list here.

The Washington Post Connection

In 2013 Amazon's Jeff Bezos was announced as the buyer of The Washington Post. By combining the .news string as a closed TLD in tandem with the fine resources of The Post, Mr Bezos may be planning to build a major new global media empire the likes of which the world has never before seen.

Read more on The Washington Post page.

SPECIAL NOTE: The author has not read the individual applications for the above, and does not know which applicants if any are applying for exclusive ownership of these domains. The author does not state or imply that any of the applicants is seeking to establish a monopoly in the wide-ranging field of "news". Only that it is not expressly prohibited by ICANN's application process, and that some of the world's largest corporations intend to acquire and implement various gTLDs privately and exclusively. The consequences of this unprecedented scenario are unknown.



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